Where to get married in New York at Christmas

There are endless opportunities for getting married in New York. All of them characterful and beautiful in their own right. Some lend themselves better for a particular time of year. Here we take a look at the options for a beautiful Christmas wedding ceremony.

Central Park


As you make your way down the streets that lead to Central Park, you will start to sense the Christmas spirit. Stores in Fifth Avenue, dripping with fairy lights and wonderful displays. The battle of the best dressed window commences. It is near impossible to wear a smile as you take in the atmosphere - its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

For your chance to have your own 'Fairytale in New York', why not head to Central Park's Ladies Pavilion for your dream wedding ceremony.

Whatever the weather, you can expect the most amazing backdrop for your wedding photo's. Not only from the Ladies Pavilion, but wherever you chose to go from there on. 


Rockefeller Centre

After the ceremony, why not take a trip to the Rockefeller Centre where you can take some snaps with the world famous Christmas tree in the background. You could always hitch up your dress and don some skates if you're feeling adventurous. The rink is a fun way to get some 'way out' photography of your big day.

If this appeals to you, why not even consider taking the ceremony at the foot of the tree? The spirit of Christmas wrapped around you. Just bear in mind that this is the busiest time of year in New York and there will be a LOT of people milling around. Surely this just adds to the atmosphere?

From here, you could go up to the observation deck, located at the Rockefeller Centre for more awe inspiring shots of your big day. Not only a popular tourist spot, a great place to be for for some of the most breathtaking views of the wonderful city.


Times Square

If you like the hustle and bustle of a busy city, why not head to Times Square for your wedding ceremony. Without doubt you will have a huge audience! The Red Steps in the heart of Times Square are a highly popular spot for some amazing photo's. 

Popular with couples that elope to get married, this is a very easy place to hold the ceremony. If you are heading to New York alone to get married and leaving the friends and family behind, this may appeal to you? A simple ceremony in the heart of New York will see you married in the company of thousands! Locals and tourists alike will be passing by continuously but for many, this adds to the excitement and atmosphere of their big day.



The choice is endless, we have only picked out 3 of our highlights. If would like more information or guidance with wedding packages and additional services, then please contact us directly.

Steven Blane