Is Wedding in New York just for U.S. Citizens?

A New York Wedding may seem an impossible dream for Brits or other non-U.S. citizens. Kelly West, a UK citizen brought her dreams to life with Wedding in New York and here she explains how.

So do you need to live in New York to use our services? NO! Do you need to be a US citizen? NO! We officiate many weddings for overseas visitors and are only too happy to help answer any questions you have with regards to your own ceremony.  But don't take our word for it - here are some words from one of the brides we officiated for in July 2016: Kelly West.

"When James (my fiancé) and I started to plan our big day, while we loved the idea of a New York Wedding, we thought it was a pipe dream. We began looking at companies like Virgin and Kuoni for a package that would include flights, the ceremony and then an extension for our honeymoon (in Florida). We quickly realised that the cost of these packages was going to be an issue and decided to look at the possibility of piecing it all together ourselves.
"We started by looking for a wedding officiant, as this proved to be the catalyst for the whole experience! I emailed a handful of officiants and waited for their response. I didn't have to wait long - Steven from Wedding in New York replied almost instantly. We spent the next half an hour or so exchanging emails and all my initial questions were answered. At this point we had no doubt that this was the route for us. To date, I have never had a response from any of the other officiants I contacted that day."
"Over the coming months I referred back to Steven with any questions that popped up regarding the wedding. It is quite daunting planning a wedding when you're in a different country, but Steven reassured us at every step, replying quickly with clear and concise answers. This service alone made the whole experience carefree and easy going." 
When it came to sourcing our photographer, Steven put us in touch with a local business in New York. Chatting with them was just as easy and we soon made a decision on the package we wanted for our big day. Paying Wedding in New York the deposit for the photographer meant that we had all the financial side of things in one place. Dealing with Steven for payments made us feel at ease as we had such a good relationship with him.
Before we knew it, the big day had arrived! After putting together the flights, hotel bookings and transfers together ourselves, we sat in the hotel room waiting to be picked up to go the ceremony. I will be completely honest - we did have a little moment where we looked at each other and said, "what if something doesn't go to plan?" The cab ride to Brooklyn Bridge Park where we chose to get married was incredible. The atmosphere between us was electric. Excitement, nerves, pure happiness, a whole mix of emotions were experienced. Not to mention heat - we picked July and it was an incredibly hot day!
We arrived at the park and waited. The next thing we knew, Steven was riding his bike towards us with the biggest, warmest smile on his face. From that moment, any ounce of fear was completely wiped away. It felt like we were meeting an old friend, not someone we had only spoken to over email for a few months. After a brief chat (by this time the photographer was with us), we had a look round the area and decided on the exact spot where we would say our vows.
The ceremony itself was perfect, not too much - just the right, specific words we wanted to share with each other. Steven made us feel totally at ease and we were oblivious of what was going on around us.
'You may now kiss the bride'. As soon as this was said we heard a round of applause from passers-by who had gathered to watch the ceremony. Turning round to see people cheering and wishing us well was an amazing experience that followed us around all day. 
After the ceremony we chatted with Steven some more. He clarified the process for obtaining our marriage certificate. This was something I had researched before leaving the UK and James and I had decided we were going to go to the City Clerk's office the next day to get it ourselves. Steven would have done this for us and then we would have received the certificate in the post but we were so excited to do it ourselves, we declined his offer.
I hope I haven't bored you with rambles of the most incredible day of my life. I feel so passionate about Steven and Weddings in New York that I will happily talk about them endlessly. If you have ANY fears of planning your wedding yourself, please take on board my words. It really isn't as daunting as it may at first sound. Wedding in New York made the whole process simple and I would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone.
All that's left for me to do now is plan our renewal of vows ceremony so that we can go back to New York and see Steven......

Not sure of the process you obtaining the official documentation you need to get married in New York? Kelly will be writing about her experience with this in the next couple of weeks, explaining the whole process for UK citizens. Watch out for it on our website.