Plan your NYC Springtime Wedding

The sight of cherry blossoms taking to the trees can only mean one thing - Spring is on its way to New York City. This means Spring wedding season is fast approaching! Following months of cold, wet and bleak weather - the thought of Spring is a welcome addition to most New Yorkers.

What better season to celebrate your wedding than Spring - the start of something fresh, the beginning of a new phase in your lives together. This time of year is perfect to tie the knot, especially in the amazing New York City.

New York Cherry Blossom

Why get married in New York in the Springtime?

Whatever the season, New York City is a special place to get married, the atmosphere of the city remains regardless of this. But - Spring brings thoughts of 'new life' to the city and what better season to pick for a fresh start as a newly married couple.

The numerous parks in the city will be awash with Cherry Blossoms in full bloom - Central Park being the most popular park spot for a wedding. Expect stunning backdrops for your photos if you do choose to tie the knot in an outdoor venue.

With the days getting longer, sunsets are a great scene for weddings being held in the early evening. Pick your location well and your wedding photos will be the envy of all your friends. Think about the skyline if this is the option you go for. Maybe head over to Brooklyn for a romantic evening ceremony under the bridge and near Jane's Carousel. More spectacular opportunities for getting some magnificent moments caught on camera. 

If you are set on an indoor wedding then use the theme of Spring to highlight your day. With so many new flowers coming into season, you can really set the scene with spring colours and blooms. Pastels are associated with Spring - use them in your flower decorations or indeed your wedding attire. Why not mix and match pastel colors for your bridesmaids? Great idea for those of you that have trouble making a decision. 

Why not think about the foods that come into season in the Springtime and use these to adorn your menu with delights for your guests. What better way to showcase the time of year? I can't think of a better way could you bring the palate to life and fully immerse your guests in the joys of Spring!

As you have heard, Spring encapsulates all that is new and fresh - what better time of year to celebrate a wedding?

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Steven Blane