Wedding Gift Ideas from the Celebrity World

With most of us buying what we need, when we want it, what do you buy your intended on your big day? Look to the 'Stars' for inspiration.

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You did the big engagement, you've planned the wedding and now you are all set for the big day. Great - but what gift do you buy in order to celebrate the occasion? There is endless choice out there surely? But what does the savvy shopper pick? It needs to be special, it needs to be different and it needs to have meaning.

Why not take a look at what some of the celebrities chose by way of inspiration. You may not have the budget, but we are confident the ideas will get your brain working on how you can implement ideas for your own special gift.

Angelina Jolie
How she came up with this idea we have no idea but Angelina set her sights on buying Brad a statement gift when she chose a typewriter that once belonged to the US novelist Ernest Hemingway. Thought to have been used for some of his most famous books, including 'For Whom the Bell Tolls', this gift really did come with a LOT of thought.

Tom Cruise
In 2006 when he tied the knot with Katie Holmes, he also parted with a whopping $15million Gulfstream Jet. As you would expect, the jet came with all the mod cons imaginable. One of the most extravagant features being an onboard cinema. What better way to watch your own movies Tom? 

Stella McCartney
At her wedding to Alasdhair Willis, Stella asked her guests to buy them trees as a wedding gift. She then had the trees planted in the grounds to her home in Worcester, England. Very environmentally friendly!

Channing Tatum
Not a wedding gift as such but we had to include it purely because it is so bizarre. At the wedding ceremony, he and Jenna Dewan provided guests with a basket filled with napkins in which they could deposit their 'tears of joy'. 

Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta Jones
For their big day, the happy couple asked guests to give them money by way of a gift. Slightly bizarre you might think considering their wealth? Not at all, they decided to put all the money they received into a bank account for their son Dylan, with the provisor her donated the funds to a charity of his choice after his 18th birthday. 


Whether you go big, small, bizarre, thoughtful or even outrageous, choosing the right wedding gift is really important. Take some time to sit and think about the person you are buying for. Why not follow some of our own tips:

  1. Take the time to sit and think about the person you are buying for. What would they want that they would never think to buy for themselves?
  2. What hobbies does the person you are buying for have? Can you buy a gift that will relate to this in a fun and interesting way?
  3. Experience? Are you buying for someone that would appreciate an experience over something material? Perhaps they are adventurous and would love the idea of a helicopter flight over the city or even a skydive? Gifts don't have to be the sort you have to physically wrap in beautiful paper and bows.
  4. Don't buy for the sake of it! This is a huge tip - if you are struggling to decide on what to buy, don't just head to the stores and grab the first wedding inspired gift you come across just to put a tick in the box. Talk to the person you are buying for and find out what they would really appreciate. If you aren't good at being discreet, ask their friends or relatives. 
  5. Give from the heart. You don't have to spend big bucks to show someone you care. The best gift I ever received was a handmade scrapbook of my 'Life So Far' from my husband. Not only did it bring a tear to my eye, it made me document my life since then which has given me the most incredible journal of my life!

We hope this fun blog has given you some inspiration and advice for what to buy. Please feel free to comment with your own ideas in the comments box below.

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Steven Blane