Popping the big question - tips for a wedding proposal

Proposing to your intended can be a nerve wracking time - what’s the best way to do it and when?

Are you an old romantic at heart or looking for a more modern and outlandish way to propose? What is your partner expecting and when is the best time?

Wedding in New York proposal

Whether you’ve been with your partner for a number of years or in the early stages of your relationship - the matter of proposing will be an equally important milestone.

The days of asking for a father’s approval before popping the question feels like a lifetime ago but this is still a tradition for many - one that is truly important.

It doesn’t need to be the man
Getting down on one knee doesn’t need to be left to the man - as a women this role can absolutely be actioned by you - take him or her by surprise and take the lead with the proposal. It can be a daunting task for the man in the relationship, the pressure of making sure everything runs smoothly and as well prepared as possible. Why not take action yourself and make sure you get the proposal of your dreams by doing it yourself!

Make it memorable
Most couples will remember where their proposal happened but very few will remember the finer details. Did you recite a poem, did something funny happen as you proposed, were there well wishers celebrating with you? Years down the line when you go to retell your stories to the grandchildren, make sure you can easily access memories from the day. A journal, photos, notes from friends/family - all of which can be kept in a keepsake box ready to be pulled on when the family ask the questions.

More than just a ring
The ring is a symbol of the proposal, this doesn’t have to be the only token on the day. Why not surprise your loved one with another token or romantic gesture? Something to mark the occasion - a watch with the date engraved on it, cufflinks with your initials or a special piece of jewellery that your partner has always had their eye on. What better time to give such gifts.

Engagement ring

Where? and when?
Is there a favourite restaurant that you both love to go to? A special city or state that you visit regularly? With travel as it is today nowhere is impossible. Why not pick a world landmark to mark the occasion? That said, an impromptu proposal on the sofa watching a movie can be just as romantic if this is your special place. Propose with meaning - what is special to you both as a couple is the most important thing.

The date can be equally as significant as the location - choosing a birthday or special date shared by you as a couple is a great way of never forgetting the day you popped the question!

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