Quirky ideas for your wedding day

In 2019 they sky’s the limit - so many options to consider for your big day. Why stick with the norm? Take a look at some of these funky ideas for your wedding.

Dog in a tuxedo

Pets in matching wedding outfits
Why should it just be the bridesmaids and groomsmen that get the honour of wearing your wedding regalia? With our beloved pets being at the heart of so many, don’t forget to include them in your day and why not get them matching wedding wear to boot!

Leaf Confetti

Eco friendly confetti
Looking after the environment wherever possible is a must. The little wedding additions that we think are sweet can often have big impact on the environment. Confetti is one of those elements we neglect to consider causing an issue.

Why not save some money and make some confetti yourself? Perfect for a fall wedding, using dried leaves as your confetti is the perfect addition to your color scheme.

Feeling extra creative? Why not hole punch the leaves with shaped cut outs. You could even get the punch personalised with your initials for that extra special touch.

Wedding favor

Unusual wedding favors
Giving your guests a keepsake of the big day is an old tradition. Break from the norm and go far out with your favors. The more unusual, the better the memory. Here are just a few of our suggestions:

  • Personalised miniature gin bottles

  • Fortune cookies

  • Packet of flower seeds - can be personalised

  • A puzzle piece with the details of the day embossed on them

  • Miniature Harry Potter Potions

  • Personalised chocolate bars

  • Personalised lollipops

  • Personalised individual jams

Ankle jewellery

Ankle adornments
Go for something really unusual - when did you last see a bride with an ornate ankle adornment? We spend so much time looking for the perfect jewelry to match our outfit, why not consider a statement piece that will allow you to stand out from the crowd.

Acknowledgments to those who can’t be with you
With the best will in the world, there will often be occasions where an important guest can’t make your big or even that a loved one has passed and their presence will obviously be greatly missed.

Acknowledge the fact they can’t be with you - embrace the feeling that they are with you in spirit even if not in person. Save them a space and label their spot. Make them part of your day as much as you possibly can.

Screenshot 2019-08-01 at 11.47.05.png
Origami Bouquet

Alternatives to the traditional wedding bouquet
Who said it’s compulsory to have a traditional hand tied bouquet on your wedding day? Take a look at our suggestions for a modern alternative to this classic wedding addition:

  • Tambourines

  • Felt, fabric or even paper flowers

  • Decorated vintage cameras

  • Origami flowers

  • Leather roses

  • Fans

  • Bunched feathers

We are much more than wedding officiant’s, we really do care about our couples. If you need any help or advice planning you wedding Contact us for more information.

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