Top tips for keeping to your wedding budget

The price list for your wedding can quickly spiral out of control so how do you keep to the budget you have set?

Getting married can be one of the most costly experiences of your life but it is also one of the greatest moments so how do you decide on what budget is right for you? In turn, can you really save money without sacrificing?


Money talk
The tradition of parents paying for their daughters wedding is something that is experienced less and less in modern life. Whilst there are many families that contribute to both daughters and sons weddings, the general consensus seems to be that couples will fund and plan their wedding day themselves.

When making initial wedding plans, involve the family and get a feel for their take on your big day. Ask them if they will be comfortable making a contribution to the wedding rather than leave that uncomfortable topic hanging.

Even a small contribution can make a massive difference to your day and often the smaller details are the things that make the day even more special.

Getting an idea of the contributions that will be made externally will help you create your ultimate budget and give you a starting point on where to allocate the funds.

Wedding rings

Where to spend your money
There are many elements that make up the perfect wedding day and each couple will prioritise which part is most important to them. We suggest that you bear in mind the following suggested percentages of budget allocation when you are booking the core elements of your big day.
Reception: 45%
Ceremony: 3-4%
Photography/Videography: 10-12%
Entertainment/Music: 8-10%
Outfits: 8-10%
Flowers: 8-10%
Stationery: 2-3%
Wedding Rings: 2-3%
Transportation: 2-3%
Gifts: 2-3%
Miscellaneous: 8%

Remember these are just suggestions based on market research, this is your big day and you can spend the budget where you see fit.

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Hidden costs
Always be mindful of the added extras that could pop up during the planning of the wedding. Things like gratuities are often overlooked and can play a big part of a budget overspend.

Do your homework
This is important to any couple but particularly to those of you on a tight budget. The price variation in the services/products you need for the day fluctuate massively. By researching suppliers/providers you can potentially save yourself thousands of dollars.

Every bride wants to feel special on her big day - the list of treatments and beauty products can be endless in supply. Remember you can achieve the same look by buying budget products and not the top of the range. It really boils down to what element of the budget is the most important to you.

Give yourself choice and then weigh up the price and offering before booking in the first thing you come across.

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Where can you reduce your spend?

  • Priorities - what is the most important part/parts of the day to you and your partner? Allocate more of the budget to these items and then reduce spend on the less important areas.

  • It’s all in a day - pick your wedding day wisely. Getting married during the week rather than at the weekend can drastically reduce costs, not only for venues but also for many wedding suppliers. These will tend to be less busy days for these particular parties and therefore you are more likely to get a better deal.

  • It’s a numbers game - the more people you invite to the wedding, the more it is going to cost. No leeway on this one, just facts - if you can reduce the guest list, you will automatically reduce your spend.

  • Seasonal favourites - picking flowers that are in season during your wedding date can massively reduce your spend. They are more readily available and come at a much lower price. This goes for bouquets, table decorations and all guest flower arrangements that you may be planning.

  • Shop around - get quotes from different suppliers before settling on an option. Work out the value for money from each, coupled with your desire for the product and you can’t go wrong.

  • Negotiate - your ability to do this will vary between supplier but don’t be afraid to ask for a discount. If you don’t ask, you definitely won’t get!

We are much more than wedding officiant’s, we really do care about our couples. If you need any help or advice planning you wedding Contact us for more information.

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