Wedding dates to avoid in 2019 and 2020

How will you pick the date for your big day? Take these pointers into consideration when making your plans.

Do you pick your anniversary? One of your birthdays? Another significant milestone date? The choice is yours but where do you start? 

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Picking the ideal date for your wedding can be hard, but here some dates to avoid when making your plans.

Public Holidays
A date in or around a public holiday can more often than not involve a higher venue cost as well as a hike in supplier prices. You can potentially save hundreds of dollars by being strategic with these dates.

Valentine’s Day
Researchers at the University of Melbourne analysed one million married couples and found that this is the worst date to get married. February 14th - Valentine’s Day is claimed to be the date which ends up giving the highest divorce rate!

The data showed that within the first five years, 11% of couples had split and 21% after nine years.

Pick the date because it is important to you, not because it is the universal day of love!

Personal dates
If you want to avoid a clash with the family then make sure you check your diary for dates that are important to close family and friends - clashing with a birthday or anniversary can cause a headache and mean potential missing guests on your big day.

Local community dates
Check that your local community isn’t planning a parade or festival on your planned wedding date. The last thing any bride to be needs is extra planning for logistics of road closures and extreme crowds in the area!

Friday 13th
This one comes down to personal beliefs - if you are superstitious then this is the one to avoid. If you aren’t then plan away - the chances are, this will be a quiet day for weddings.

If you like the sound of getting married on Friday 13th, here are the dates they fall on for 2019 and 2020:

  • Friday 13th September 2019

  • Friday 13th December 2019

  • Friday 13th March 2020

  • Friday 13th November 2020

Wedding guests

Sporting events
If you are looking to keep the whole wedding party happy then it might be worth checking if there are any major sporting events being held on your proposed wedding date. Avoid the odd guest nipping off to check the score at intervals and the talk of the table about which team you are supporting.

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