Your guide to picking the perfect wedding dress

Desperate to get the wedding dress of your dreams? How do you find one that fits your body shape?

Wedding dress

Wedding dresses come in all shapes and styles but how do you find the perfect style to fit your body? We give you a run through of the most popular styles and help you match this to your body shape.

This particular style is know for it’s versatility. With the ability to make all body shapes look amazing, it really is a good all rounder for the fashion conscious bride.

The A-line dress extends from the waste down and flares over the hips and flatters all body shapes. It’s a classic design that can be dressed up with gems and accessories or left simple for a traditional and elegant look.

Body shapes it suits: Pear, apple, hourglass and lean - all of them!

Wedding dress

This style of dress particularly compliments the hourglass figure. Hugging the waist with a tight fit that then flares at the knee. This is a modern style of dress that looks fantastic!

This particular dress lends itself well to a romantic themed wedding, a beach location wedding or even a fall or winter wedding.

Body shapes it suits: Hourglass and lean

This is probably the best recognised wedding dress shape. The true ‘princess’ wedding dress. With a short, tight bodice and a full and bouncy skirt, this style definitely draws attention to the waist.

Quite often a ballgown dress will have a corset bodice and fully layered skirt to add to the drama of the full dress.

Body shapes it suits: Hourglass, pear and lean

Short wedding dress

If you are looking for a dress that will lengthen your appearance then a knee/calf length dress could be your answer. Teamed up with a pair of high heels, this can give the illusion of height.

A very modern way of wearing a wedding dress, the short style is particularly popular with the 20/30 something brides that want to add a bit of fun to their wedding outfit. It also works very well in hot conditions - saving the bride from melting under the heat of the weather and a huge ballgown dress.

Body shapes it suite: Pear and lean

Whatever dress style you chose to wear on your bid day, the most important piece of advice we can give you is - feel comfortable! You will be wearing the dress for a long time that day and will need to look comfortable in your wedding photos. The last thing you need to be worrying about is how the dress feels.

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